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2003: Established DongCheng STRON 
Machinery Parts Shop in Dongguan city        
2004: STRON Material (Hong Kong) 
Trading Co.  was registered  in Hong 
Kong. In the same year,  gained import 
& export license  from China  government. 

  Products → CaF2

Optical Coating Materials
Optical Governance Tool
Optical Crystal
Coating Equipment Parts
Optorun coating equipment

  Transmission Range 0.13 to 10 microns
  Refractive Index 1.39908 at 5 microns
  Reflection Loss 5.5% at 5 µm (2 surfaces)
  Restrahlen Peak 35 microns
  dN/dT -10.6 x 10-6/°C
  Density 3.18 g/cm3
  Melting Point 1360 °C
  Thermal Conductivity 9.71 W/(m*K)
  Thermal Expansion 18.85 x 10-6/°C
  Hardness Knoop 158.3 kg/mm2 (100)
  Specific Heat Capacity 854J/(kg K)
  Dielectric Constant 6.76 at 1MHz
  Young's Modulus (E) 75.8 GPa
  Shear Modulus (G) 33.77 GPa
  Bulk Modulus (K) 82.71 GPa
  Elastic Coefficients C11=164 MPa, C12=53 MPa, C44=33.7 MPa
  Apparent Elastic Limit 36.54 MPa
  Poisson Ratio 0.26
  Solubility 0.0017g/100g water at 20 °C
  Molecular Weight 78.08
  Class/Structure Cubic (111) cleavage
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