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2003: Established DongCheng STRON 
Machinery Parts Shop in Dongguan city        
2004: STRON Material (Hong Kong) 
Trading Co.  was registered  in Hong 
Kong. In the same year,  gained import 
& export license  from China  government. 

  Products → OIS-Two/OIS-Two Plus Grid size:φ17 cm

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OIS-Two/OIS-Two Plus Grid size:φ17 cm
Specifications of OIS - Two/OIS - Two Plus
Model OIS-Two OIS-Two Plus
Dimensions φ300mm×150mm(H)
Grids φ17cm three molybdenum grids
Beam Voltage 100V~1500V
Max Beam Current 1200mA(max)
Acc Voltage 100V~1000V
Max RF Power 750W 1000W
Gas Flow Rate 20sccm~30sccm(argon)
Pressure 5×10-2Pa
Water-cooling RF coil and beam unit
Dimensions φ7cm×12cm φ7cm×12cm
Max Emission Current 2000mA 2400mA
Max RF Power 150W
Gas Flow Rate 5sccm~10sccm(argon only)
Specifications may be subject to change without notice.
Optorun OIS-Two RF ion sources are developed for high-rate and
wide-area ion-assisted deposition and substrate ion cleaning, which
are installed in Optorun OTFC-1300 and OTFC-1550 coaters for
mass production of various optical filters.

■ Original grid designed for longer life.
■ Filamentless design. Less contamination and long life.
■ High and uniform current beams with broad beam angle.
■ Stable operation for long time.

Uniformity of ion beam current density by OTFC-1550 (OIS-Two)
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