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IC/5 Thin Film Deposition Controller

More Information About Our Thin Film Deposition QCM Instruments
Table of Density and Z-Ratio Values
Thin Film Deposition Controller for Enhanced Process Control Integration

The IC/5 Thin Film Deposition Controller maximizes process capability and flexibility for evaporation and other physical vapor deposition (PVD) processes. Enhanced software and logic I/O features provide improved process control integration.

The IC/5 can store up to 50 processes and 250 total layers, and storage is unlimited with the floppy disk option. Its data logging capability stores layer and process data in a convenient ASCII format for post-run analysis and process recipes for easy use retrieval and loading.

The IC/5 offers control of multiple sources, crucibles, materials, crystal sensors and processes in a user selectable flexible matrix. It also controls the improved multiple crystal sensor head, CrystalSix. With CrystalSix, the user can dedicate crystals to specific materials for more precise rate and thickness control. For longer depositions, the CrystalSix provides process continuity by automatically rotating to pre- selected back-up positions should the crystal fail.

The IC/5 features ModeLock, the INFICON patented quartz crystal measurement technology which provides rate and thickness precision unobtainable from conventional "active oscillator" technology, even at lower deposition rates.

Multipoint sensing capabilities achieve highly accurate rate and thickness measurements, especially critical for optical processes such as ophthalmic coatings. This unique technology integrates the measurements of up to eight sensors to minimize the affect of source distribution variations.


 Application Note: Auto-Z: A Path to Precise Control of Layer Thickness
 IC/5 Thin Film Deposition Controller to MPI-16 Pocket Indexer Interface
 Mass Determination with Piezoelectric Quartz Crystal Resonators - Chih-shun Lu - Leybold Inficon Inc. - 1974
 Operating Manual (Chinese Language) - IC/5 Thin Film Deposition Controller
 Operating Manual - IC/5 Offline Editor
 Operating Manual - IC/5 Thin Film Deposition Controller
 Reducing Process Variation Through Multiple Point Crystal Sensor Monitoring - John Kushneir and Carl Gogol - Leybold Inficon; Jack Blaise - OFC Corporation - 1996 Society of Vacuum Coaters
 Technical Note - The Technology of the Intelligent Oscillator for Quartz Crystal Measurement and Its Advantages for Thin Film Processes
 Technical Note - When Reproducibility Counts - Multiple Sensor Measurement with the IC/5 Thin Film Deposition Controller
 The Hunt for High-Performance Optical Coatings - Carl Gogol and Chris Cipro - Leybold Inficon - October 1995 Photonics Spectra

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