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2003: Established DongCheng STRON 
Machinery Parts Shop in Dongguan city        
2004: STRON Material (Hong Kong) 
Trading Co.  was registered  in Hong 
Kong. In the same year,  gained import 
& export license  from China  government. 

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FabGuard ® Suite of Products

FabGuard ® Suite of Products

Acquisition, Analysis, Interdiction and Reporting in one Fully Integrated System

FabGuard® is designed to be the fab’s FDC system for all users and all situations. It combines both full featured data acquisition and analysis with extensive enterprise capabilities.

Acquisition and Analysis
  • MHz analog data collection
  • > 10 Hz tool data collection (if tool capable)
  • Native, dynamic control of advanced sensors. (Native control allows sensors to be used for FDC and non-FDC applications, such as leak check and RF delivery troubleshooting)
  • Tool logistical information
  • Data point by data point analysis for endpoint and critical fault detection
  • Sophisticated data preparation including conditioning (mathematical manipulation), framing, and summarization
  • Advanced modeling including
    • Multivariate fault detection: PCA, Discriminant Analysis, Envelope
    • Virtual metrology with recipe optimization: PLS, Stepwise Regression
    • Root cause investigation
  • SPC: univariate and multivariate
  • Flexible database with extensive data mining tools for summarization and comparison of tools, processes, lines, and fabs.
  • Full drill down to raw data from any report, alarm, etc.
  • Central management with remote access via web browsers
  • Fab wide, multi-level Security

Support Based on Process and Tool Knowledge

INFICON provides local support with engineers who not only understand FDC software, but also understand tools and processes. This means we help customers setup the most effective systems for each tool. Whether the problem is contamination in CVD, power delivery in etch, photoresist monitoring in lithography, or advanced modeling for yield prediction, INFICON engineers have experience and knowledge.

Established User Experience Gives You the Benefit of Expanded Features

INFICON treats customers as partners, learning what customers need as the industry moves to more complex processes. The FabGuard products are a synthesis of needs from many users in many fabs around the world and you benefit from the experience of all these users. At the same time, INFICON always keeps proprietary information strictly confidential. How individual customers use the features is never distributed.

Open Design - Let FabGuard Do Everything or Directly Access Data to Create Your Own Features

Even though FabGuard is a full featured product, we understand that you may occasionally want to add your own features. This is made possible by a fully open database schema, data export capability, and specific APIs. You can request raw or pre-processed data, perform your own analyses, and reinsert results back into FabGuard, thus reusing existing report and database mining capabilities.

Flexible and Directed Training to Support Your Particular Needs

INFICON provides an extensive training program for the FabGuard family of products. Training ranges from basic system use to advanced multivariate modeling to system administration. The training program also includes the use of a live training system that allows students to get hands-on training with the only requirements being simple access to the internet.

Multiple Users in the Fab Give You a Faster ROI

FabGuard is more than just an FDC system. It is designed for three types of simultaneous users: advanced process control and yield management, process engineers, and equipment engineers.

FabGuard was designed for multiple users with different goals to use the product simultaneously. While centrally managed SPC reports are protecting tools, manual troubleshooting on specific chambers allows faster equipment repair and recovery. Since multiple groups use the same FabGuard software, the ROI on the purchase is much faster.

FabGuard Analysis Server

Advanced Modeling, Data Analysis and Visualization Capabilities Made Simple

FabGuard FDC

Manage a process, a tool, or your entire fab

FabGuard Sensor Integration and Analysis System

Powerful Data Management for Enhanced Productivity
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